It doesn't matter if you are not in Ibiza or not even planning a trip to come. It's always good to have a handy list of great things to do in the island. If not for you, maybe for a friend that's coming and would be happy to get your tips! Here I write about places I have been and that I personally like. As you know the blog is very personal and I only write about what I know and saw myself. So if you are here on this page I'm sure you trust my advice! You can click on the links bellow to open a page and get more info about each place!

BENIRRAS is an amazing and super charming beach just passing San Miguel and with an unbelievable sunset. But the best part is that every Sunday there is a sunset ritual where many hippie bongo drummers get together and make music while the orange striking sun goes down. There are also hippie sellers carrying great handmade accessories and cute craftsmanship. You can have lunch at the restaurant on the beach or just go for the sunset.  Check my pictures and you will have a feeling of it!

HIPPY MARKET PUNTA ARABI - ES CANA Every Wednesday and Saturday (in different locations, check the link) the famous Hippy market of Ibiza is filled with beautiful little stands selling everything you can imagine from the hippie world! I found amazing leather pieces such as a bag and a beautiful skirt, a stand that sells the cutest handmade sandals, super fun T-shirts (wearing one right now while I write), all kind of accessories, feathers, dream filters, hair pieces... You name it. Is worth having a look but try to go towards the end (closes at 6pm), is not that hot and less crowded.  

ES TORRENT - I know I already told you about this place, they have the best fish in the island in my opinion (and my friends too)! But what I want to tell you right now is about the massage. I tried many places and hotel massages but now I only have my sessions with IBAN. He is there all day, probably till 7pm and he can also go to the house after that. His number is 0034-626811738

CAN BALAFIA is another great restaurant in San Joan. The atmosphere is just so cozy and relaxed. You sit under trees in a very cute open terrace and they serve you first the tomato and onion especial and yummy salad, (the tomatoes are from their garden) crispy thin sliced potatoes, and after that delicious kinds of meat. Great service, food and vibe.

FORMENTERA I'm sure you already heard about this breath taking island so if you come to Ibiza make sure you organize a day there. It's definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. On the link you will find ways to get there by ferry. The most popular restaurant there is called JUAN Y ANDREA but you will also find many other choices suiting your taste and budget.

IBIZA OLD TOWN Check the link and see it yourself! It's a very charming ancient place with beautiful views, great little bars, restaurants and shops. I would rather go at night where there is music all over and you can sit and eat somewhere comfortable with fresh air! On the top of the mountain you will find the impressive 14th century cathedral that is a must passing by.

IBIZA SHOPS The fashionistas shouldn't miss this tour! The shops are basically located all the the same place, the centre of Ibiza. Boutiques like Sexy Sexy Woman, EGB, Revolver and Atittude are among my favorite ones. I always find something great there. Then there are the cute shops where you can find Ibiza little gifts, t-shirts, shoes, souvenirs, accessories, sunglasses and a bunch of other things. Also check out the Pacha Shop, they sell great clothing, accessories and music.

EL CHIRINGUITO is probably my favorite place to eat well and spend the day at the beach. The restaurant is very popular, very crowded but you can always find a table and chairs at the beach. There's a DJ playing music (not so loud) so it makes the atmosphere even better. I adore their fresh speciality pasta and they have an AMAZING tuna tartar with avocado!

LES GROTTES DE CAN MARÇÀ It's located in San Miguel and is a MUST!

CLUBS I'm not gonna give you so many details on this one because I'm sure you will know exactly where to party here. Amnesia is my favorite club in Ibiza but I chose the club according to the DJ playing that night. The essentials are also PACHA, DC10, SPACE, PRIVILEGE AND USHUAIA.

Ibiza is not only about partying as many people think. I could give you a huge list of beaches to go everyday, places to go with kids and different things to do. Everyone makes their experience at the island suitable to their tastes and needs but one thing is for sure; you will have a blast in this magical island!!!