Last week I had to go to Istanbul, the city I once lived for five years. Since I left, about two years ago, I haven't been back. Finally, a good reason got me there, a meeting for an upcoming project that I would love to be involved! I left Beirut in the afternoon and only one and a half hours later, I was landing in Turkey. It was so amazing to be back. I had less than 24 hours to spend there so I needed to work and see some real dear people to me. I went directly to a meeting. One hour later I was together with my very good friend Ayce, owner of HAPPILY EVER AFTER, the "IT" place to hang out, eat and drink in Istanbul! Later I had an amazing massage with the girl I used to have before and missed very much. It was almost night time when I headed to the home of my "Turkish family"! my best friend Michele, her husband and kid (my goddaughter). It felt like home again and I slept like an angel hugging my 6 year old princess! Next day I was back to Beirut, not before stopping by the most amazing airline LOUNGE ever. The Turkish Airlines Vip Lounge. I hope you can have a little idea about this place from the photos I took. It's the only lounge where you wish you would miss your flight, just to spend some more time in airport paradise!