5 Best World Destinations for the Sun and Sand Lover

In case you are searching for a picture perfect beach that offers a breathtaking view and is the most amazing relaxation spot; here is a list of five of the most beautiful beaches that you would find across the globe!

Bora Bora Beach in Tahiti

One of the most magical beaches across the world, this beach is more than perfect. This unbelievable island is found on the south pacific within French Polynesia. The island is around 29 kilometers in area and is surrounded by endless white sandy beaches that offer a breathtaking view. The best spot within the island is known as the Matira point. Bora Bora beach is also known as the Romantic Island due to the fact that it is a popular within newlywed couples. The secluded beaches, private accommodations and cooling environment are ideal for tourist that are looking forward to a private and relaxing time.

Seychelles in Anse Source d’Argent

This is described as one of the most photographed beaches across the world because of picturesque beauty and pale endless sand that is spread throughout La Digue Island. The beach is located in the Indian Ocean and the pink sand with granite boulders form a combination of astonishing beauty that allow the tourist to simply gaze at the landscape for hours at a time. The water is turquoise in color and the beach is shallow whereby the water reef also protects the ocean and prevents it from getting rough.

Las Islas Cies in Spain

Located at a forty minute distance from Baiona, Las Islas Cies is one of the most beautiful beaches that you would find across the world. Not only does it offer exquisite beauty but the beach is also far less crowded which means that privacy is also maintained. The white sand coupled with turquoise water offers a stunning view and the pine trees allow long shades to be casted on the sand that allows the tourist to lay back and relax.


The crystal clear water and pale sand offers the tourist a breathtaking view whereby the cool drift envelopes the palm trees and show a picture perfect view. Located in the southwestern part of South Africa, these beaches have gained popularity amongst honeymooners, celebrities and those that love the idea of water sports. The resorts on the beach allow one to literally stay on the water whereby coral reefs offer endless opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Nungwi in Zanzibar Tanzania

The white powder sand along with the sapphire water and coral reefs forms a sea that has tranquility and a breathtaking view. The beach is miles at a stretch and offers not only beauty but also astonishing marine life for sea world lovers. Fishing villages can be found along the coastline and from the beach to the resorts everything is simply dreamy and perfect!

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