This is definitely the most impressive, and also unexpected display of contemporary art you´re ever likely to see. Nothing can prepare you to the breathtaking beauty of INHOTIM, Brazil´s best kept secret for lovers of contemporary art. Inhotim is located in a remote area (90 minutes from the city of Belo Horizonte). Inhotim Offers an unbelievable experience for visitors all over the world. More than 5000 acres of lush botanical gardens (designed by Brazilian landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx) counts with more than 500 works by 100 artists from 30 countries over two dozen gallery pavilions. Wow... Without a doubt the finest outdoor contemporary art center in the worls. Inhotim also has the world´s largest collection of palm trees (over 1500 different species); 4500 different exotic species of plants, gourmet restaurants, and works by the likes of Matthew Barney, Chris Burden, Janet Cardiff and George Miller, Anish Kapoor, YayoiKusama, Doris Salcedo and of course, Brazilian artists such as our superstar Tunga, Adriana Varejão, Cildo Meireles, Vik Muniz, Helio Hoiticica, Ernesto Neto and many other artists that will take your breath away.

The coolest thing about Inhotim is the connection and participation the viewer has with all the art objects. It´s almost impossible to have a passive viewing experience. In one of the lots, for example, hundreds of scattered pots in the shape of letters await patrons, who are encouraged to spell their names and then plant flowers inside them. Across the lake, a giant kaleidoscope by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson offers a  vision from the mountain. In another pavilion called ``Cosmococa`` visitors enter five rooms that promise to give them the sensation of being on cocaine. A giant mattress covers the floor in one room with bright pillows and video projections. The music is by Jimi Hendrix. The viewers there entered on a chaotic pillow fight while I watched! Another room is filled with hammocks, the other one is a hot swimming pool that you can jump in... Craziness.

The museum offers a service with golf carts and tour guides that drive visitors between pavilions, it´s a good option if you don´t want to walk too much. Another amazing work is the Red Shift, by artist Cildo Meireles. You enter a home furnished entirely with red furniture and accessories, after moving into the red space, a trail of red paint leads you to a pitch black room (scaryyyy...) until you eventually arrive at a sink gushing some red liquid that reminded me of blood.

The largest complexe (and the one I went crazy about) was Tunga´s. The celebrated Brazilian artist fascinated by alchemy, rituals and organic products of nature and the human body. In one installation, nets hanging from the ceiling  contain beakers filled with urine, dinner plates and giant crystals. A series of drawings showcase an elaborate suruba, the Portuguese word for orgy. These museum is craziness, I´m telling you... Another one of my favorite works, architecturally speaking, is the one from Brazilian artist Adriana Varejão. She created a hard edged concrete box to house her work.

Surprising, enriching and strongly experiential, Inhotim represents nature, cntemporary art and emotion. The park has the power to transform people and connect them to a very powerful culture experience. No one ever expected to find something like this in Brazil. I guess this is the best part (: