Há três anos venho a Beirute entre Julho e Agosto. Sempre amei a cidade, as pessoas e a comida, mas essa foi a primeira vez que conheci esses dois lugares maravilhosos:

GRUTA DE JEITA: Achei que estivesse em um filme. Essa é provavelmente a gruta mais linda do mundo. A Gruta de Jeita é um complexo de duas cavernas de pedra calcária separadas mas ao mesmo tempo interligadas, totalizando um comprimento de aproximadamente 9 km. Embora habitada na pré-história, a caverna inferior foi descoberta em 1836 e só pode ser visitada  em pequenos barcos, pois está submersa pelos canais de um rio subterrâneo que abastece mais de um milhão de libaneses.

I've been coming to Beirut for 3 years now and I really got attached to the city, the people and the food. But this was the first time I did some real tourism and these two places have caught my heart:

JEITA GROTTO:  Jeita Grotto is a compound of crystallized caves in Lebanon located 20 km north of Beirut. This grotto is made up of two limestone caves, upper galleries and a lower cave through which a 6230 m long river runs. The action of water in the limestone has created cathedral-like vaults full of various sizes, colors and shapes of stalactites and stalagmites, majestic curtains and fantastic rock formations, it's truly AMAZING!!! The total length of the cave is more than 9000 m and there is one among the biggest stalactites in the world hanging 8,20 m. The grotto accommodates a huge hall with a distance of 108 m from the ceiling till the water level. It's definitely a MUST see in Lebanon.

BYBLOS: Byblos is an ancient phoenician city located about 35 kilometers north of Beirut. It is believed to have been occupied first between 8800 and 7000 BC. Today is believed to be the oldest inhabitted city in the world. It felt absolutely fantastic being there!