I’ve been traveling to Beirut for five years now and it became a second home to me since my husband is lebanese and his family lives in Beirut. 

I love bringing new people to town and taking them around. Last summer I invited two of my best friends from Brazil to visit Lebanon. We went on boat rides, restaurants, clubs, and the mountains; it was a blast! After a week we decided to take a quick trip to a new destination. We had a look at the map to check the borders of Lebanon and these were the options: Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Syria. We immediately chose Jordan for obvious reasons. It was a very delicate time in the Middle East and the United States had sent warnings about traveling in the region. 

We decided to go anyway. I called my brazilian travel agency  ESTACAO DE TURISMO (@estacaodeturismoviagens) and they immediately hooked us up with the best places. We had only three days and here is what we did.


We arrived in Petra at night, right in time for the amazing “PETRA BY NIGHT” tour where they light up the place with candles and everyone walks towards the main building "The treasury".  Once we got there, they had blankets on the floor and everyone sat down to watch locals singing and playing instruments while drinking their delicious local tea. It’s a quick tour but definitely with it! We stayed at the MOVENPICK hotel, which was perfect since PETRA sight was two steps ahead!

The next morning after breakfast, we headed to see Petra for real. It’s a full day thing and some people prefer do doit in two days. We took a guide and also walked around by ourselves. Our Petra experience had everything you can imagine. Camel rides, horse rides, donkey rides, laughs, photographs, surprises, bargaining and even an argument with a local beduin that hit a donkey on the face (I mean really??).

Petra it’s one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been to, they manage to maintain a lot of the structure of the place and the walk towards the top was fantastic. And also tiring!

After our day in Petra we headed to the Dead Sea. I was suuuuper excited to float on the water and take a mud shower! We stayed at the KEMPINSKY ASHRAM**** the absolute best hotel in the region. Our room was great and the hotel had several pools, restaurants and a great SPA. The best part is that the property is right at the Dead Sea so you don’t need to take a car anywhere. I think the photos will show exactly how our experience was: