COAT Elizabeth&James, PANTS Zara HAT Rag&Bone SHOES Stella McCartney



For some reason, this was many people's favorite outfit I wore on Fashion Week. When I put this together I had no idea that the repercussion would be so great. I saw my photos in many of my favorite fashion websites, it made me really happy (: I got this pants and suit at MAX&CO in Milan last week and paired it with a basketball top from FOREVER 21 and my favorite sneakers this season, the platform STELLA McCartney! When I first posted this shoes on my Instagram, many people said they were horrible and that I shouldn't get it, but i didn't listen and went for it! This cute clutch is from RED VALENTINO and shades are from RAY BAN. It's so much fun to mix high and low! 



I'm sorry for my absence in the last few days but the italian internet connection hasn't been that friendly to me. I promise that I stop everywhere asking if they have wifi network (bar, restaurants and hotels), even before I order my cappuccino! Milan is overloaded with lots of fashion people, lots of traffic and fashion shows all over the city. It reminds me of the time that i was a buyer and used to come every two weeks for appointments at showrooms like michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Pucci… But this time is different. I don't need to run around showrooms and do endless excel sheets filled with numbers… Now I get to dress up, attend some shows, meet new people, and see the collection at the showrooms right after they come out of the catwalk (it's what they call see-see) when the PR of the brand walks you trough all the pieces and explains what the collection is about. It's super exciting!!! Today I wore a white BCBG dress, STELLA McCARTNEY shoes (yes I got them finaly!!!!) and LE PETIT JOUERS fantastic lego bag! And of course, I met my super talented photographer friend TIMUR EMEK that took these nice shots for me (:

Oi gente! Desculpem minha ausência nos últimos dias, mas a conexão à internet aqui de Milão não tem colaborado. Juro que procuro wifi em todos os lugares possíveis (bares, restaurantes, hotéis…) e quando acho é tão devagar que não tem como esperar baixar fotos (: A cidade esta fervendo essa semana. Muita gente bonita, bem arrumada, lindo de ver… Muitos desfiles em locações diferentes, muito trânsito e poucos Ubers… Mas tem sido bem divertido. Diferente das vezes que vinha à Milão trabalhar (como buyer), indo de showroom a showroom fazendo mil pedidos e planilhas de Excel. Dessa vez o trabalho é diferente! Posso me montar, assistir os shows e visitar os showrooms para conferir as coleções logo após os desfiles, fuuuun (: Hoje usei um vestido com saia transparente da BCBG, sapato da STELLA McCARTNEY (sim, não resisti!!!!) e minha bolsa de lego da . E como tem acontecido muito ultimamente, encontrei meu amigo, o fotógrafo Timur Emek nas ruas fotografando e aproveitei a ocasião!



I don't remember the last time I wore a knitted sweater and pants and still felt cold in Miami. I personally don't enjoy the cold weather (I'm brazilian after all) but many people love this time of the year in town. It's definitely an opportunity to pull some warm clothes out of the closet, so I tried a cozy look wearing this printed sweater from SHE INSIDE and a gorgeous black sheer pair of pants from NASTY GAL. It's an easy look that I accessorized with ASOS shades, JEWEL BE MINE bracelets and sandals from STEVE MADDEN. I was on my way home when I spotted this trailer. As usual I stopped my car and  waited for a good soul to pass and take some pictures of me (: I hope I inspired you with a low cost and amazing outfit!