How amazing is this caftan I got from CALYPSO ST BARTH !!?! It totally reflects my momentarily Hippie Chic summer mood (:  It's a super elegant choice for a cocktail or a night out in style… 

Gente, achei esse caftan maravilhoso na CALYPSO ST BARTH do Bal Harbour em Miami. Comprei sem culpa, pois me chei super chic e tenho certeza que usarei em inúmeras ocasiões! 



Even though I was born in Brazil, I wasn't always near the ocean. I grew up in Porto Alegre, in the very southern part of the country, and believe me or not, it got really cold there. Because of that, Rio became the best destination during the cold season. I remember the first time I went to Rio de Janeiro and step at the beach in Ipanema,. My mother couldn't get me out of the ocean for a few hours (: From there, I knew that being in this kind of envoirment made me a complete different person. The sea and the sun make me happy, and the grey and rainy days I spent in São Paulo made me feel empty. I wish all the work in Brazil would happen in Rio instead of São Paulo, but it doesn't...  I never thought about living in Miami, I'm much more of a New York kind of girl. When I first moved here I was a little lost, it was so different than my days in the big chaotic cities like São Paulo, Istanbul, NYC... Everything was so much calmer, i didn't know if i would get used to it. During the weekends my friends would go to the beach and I joined this group. We would go the Continuum in South Beach, have lunch there and go back to the beach. That made me so happy. I realize that there is no better place in the world to live than Miami, at least for me. I'm deeply attached to this town, to the beach life, to the night life, to the tranquility... I work, I play tennis, I eat in amazing restaurants and the best part: I get to spend the day at a white sand beach with crystalline waters. I spent a lot of time at the beach these last two days. I took a book, sunscreen, a hat and a lot of water. For every chapter, one big refreshing swim... I cannot think of a better way of enjoying a beach life.