It's good to be back in Miami! The weather was crazy, a lot of rain and cold at night but finally it's sunny again and I can enjoy what Miami has to offer. Today I went around to run errands and wore a destroyed boyfriend pair of jeans from ONE TEASPOON,  a SHE INSIDE jumper and ZARA shoes. The sunglasses are from SABRE, necklace from ZARA and bag from CHANEL. Now, back to normal life, for a while...


É tão bom estar de volta à Miami! O tempo está muito louco, chuva, sol, vento, calor… Mas finalmente hoje foi um dia lindo e normal. Aproveitei para colocar o trabalho em dia e dar as minhas voltas básicas pós férias. Hoje vesti um jeans super especial da ONE TEASPOON, moletom da SHE INSIDE, colar e sandalias da ZARA, óculos da SABRE e bolsa CHANEL. De volta a vida normal, por enquanto...    



It's getting cold in Miami and I love it (: Finally I can wear my winter clothes. Leather jackets, sweaters and boots, so exciting for someone who's always in the sun! Today I wore a printed cardigan from SHE INSIDE. The colors are my favorite combo, red, black and white in an amazing aztec print. The LOFT 747 black shorts also have a great stiching detail on the sides, it makes a huge difference for such a simple item. I wore a sleeveless black shirt from EQUIPMENT andBALENCIAGA boots. The studded shades are from SABRE, from a few collections ago and the cuff is from ALONA (: I'm ready for the Miami winter now!