Here are some of the photos I've done this week with the super talented photographer EDUARDO BRAVIN. I met him trough a friend (Bianca I love you) that lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I first saw his work on Instagram and went bananas for his photos. His style is different than anything I've seen. We shot at a gorgeous apartment and I don't remember having this much fun in a long time (: I hope you like it!

Boots - AREZZO Shorts - ZARA Top NASTY GAL Neckclace FREE PEOPLE



This is a type of look I wear a lot. Shorts, t-shirt and boots. Today I wore a blue pair of leather shorts that I bought at a boutique in Spain. This blue shade is so beautiful and the material makes it even more special. I got this gorgeous top at SHE INSIDE, the print made me jump on ir and buy it immediately, and the price is amazing. To complete the look I wore my CHLOÉ Susan boots and ALEXANDER WANG bag. This is an everyday casual chic outfit, the kind of look I really love (: