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I've been coming to Beirut for almost seven years and my love for this place keeps growing each time. My husband is Lebanese and the family still lives here and that's why we share our time between the US and Lebanon. Just like Brazil, this place has a special part in my heart and it makes me feel like home! It might be the rich culture, the kind people, the happy spirits even in times of adversity, the delicious food or the many different sceneries that cross the country. Lately, I've been discovering Lebanon like I never did before. Amazing days skiing followed by lunch on the beach, a visit to a Syrian refugee camp and the many schools built there, a gorgeous day at the Baalbek ruins and many other adventures. People often ask me if it's dangerous coming to Lebanon. My personal answer after being here more than 20 times is no. In fact, I feel more secure in this country than in other places. For this reason I'm sharing details of my favorite places and things to do. This was carefully put together based on my personal experiences and the help of close Lebanese friends. Enjoy and don't forget to take notes!





Lebanese cuisine is by far my favorite! The variety, the flavors, the richness, simply unbelievable. Expect to gain a few pounds while here (: Some of these restaurants are more traditional and others are more trendy but all of them are amazing. Note that some of them have the summer and the winter editons but I linked all places and if you click on their names it will direct you to their pages where you can get more information.


Amazing traditional fresh lebanese food located 20 minutes form Beirut in a beautiful hill. It's usually the first place I go for dinner when I arrive in Beirut. Make sure you have a light lunch before!


The summer edition has a gorgeous view of Beirut and a super cool atmosphere with a DJ on the rooftop. The winter edition is right next to my house and it's super cozy. Everything is good but the burger is amazing.


Great for dinner and drinks, the view is beautiful and the most popular night is Thursday. 


Located Downtown Beirut next to all the shops. The food is spectacular, definitely a must for lebanese food lovers.


You know when a restaurant is good when the locals are always there. It was the first place my husband took me 7 years ago and the food remains great. Simple and delicious.


It started as a small place the it was such a success that they keep expanding. Fresh and yummy choices  for a nice lunch or dinner with friends!


Gorgeous place by the sea for lunch or dinner especially during the summer. Feels like you're in the south of France.


This place is special. Summer or winter it has a great atmosphere and a super cool bar!

OTHER GREAT RESTAURANTS: La petit maison (french), Tavolina (Italian),  Kampai (Sushi), Cocteau (french), Balthus (french), Pacifico (mexican), Arts (fusion), Dirty Laundy, Baron (french).


Because I spend long periods of time in the city, I try to attend some yoga classes as well as boxing and spinning. I do my boxing/Muay Thai classes with Jihad (a Lebanese champion) at U ENERGY gym. My spinning classes are at EXHALE gym and my yoga at YOGA SOUK. 


It's hard to tell you where to shop in the city as there are endless boutique and hidden places all over Beirut but here are some of the places I go: All shops in the Downtown area, PLUM, Sarah's bag, L'artisan Du Liban, Orient 499, Elie Saab, Les 66, Aishty, Sandra Mansour, Andrea Wazen, Vanina and many other places around MAR MIKHAEL and Gemmayzé. If you need a shopping mall you can go to the new ABC Mall.


Now that I gave you a list of the best restaurants to go in Beirut, I will also tell you what are my favorite things to do in the city and the "must do's" outside of Beirut. You can do everything by car and the roads are usually beautiful!


This is usually the first thing I do when I get to the city. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes and go walk around. You'll have a great sense of the city's eclectic architecture that has mostly been reconstructed but still carrying the 19th century feel. You will see churches, cathedrals and mosques. When walking around the SAIFI area you'll most probably see beautiful brides (christian and muslims) taking photographs with their grooms. You'll also see many shops and boutiques, from the fanciest names like Hèrmes and Chanel to amazing local shops. While walking around you'll stumble upon modern constructions and really old historical buildings, sometimes right next to each other. To me, this contrast is what makes Beirut extra special. Girls often ask me: "Can I walk around by myself? Is it safe"? Yes, you can definitely walk around alone without having to worry. Something I can't do in my country these days. So put your comfy shoes on and enjoy the journey!


These are the two "coolest" areas of Beirut, I love walking around these streets and stopping by cafés and boutiques. At night the streets are filled with happening bars and restaurants!


Located at the Beirut Marina, the bay has several restaurants and cafes. Perfect for a nice walk, lunch or diner.


I usually go for a walk or a run by the corniche during the sunset. I leave form Zaitunay bay and finish by the Pigeon Grotto (Raouché). When you get there you can sit by a cafeé and enjoy the view.


You can check a list of the best museums in Beirut HERE



This was the first place I visited when I came to Lebanon and I still go there from time to time. the ruins are beautiful and they have amazing concerts during the summer. Byblos is the oldest port in the world so you'll breathe history all over the place. Have lunch at PEPE by the port.



If you like skiing and the snow is good this is a must! Stay at the Intercontinental MZAAR HOTEL located on the slopes and have lunch or dinner at LE MONTAGNOU.





I have not visited Tripoli yet but I was very surprised to know that the legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer has designed 15 incredible structures in 1963 that were unfortunately unfinished due to the country's civil war in 1975. Read more about this incredible futuristic structures HERE

Still in Tripoli, I was told the the tour of the Hammans it's a must, more tham 1000 years of story. Make sure you contact an experienced and trustable team before visiting the area.



It took me six years to visit Baalbek! I don't know exactly what I was waiting for but I finaly made it happen during my last trip to Beirut. I took my friend and together with a guide ( we explored the ruins and the vicinities. The day was incredible as Salim included some surprises such as a visit to the Lamartine Valley, a visit to the Ksara winery and a gorgeous sunset on a beautiful road surrounded by cedars. 

This is it! i could go on and on with more places and more tips so feel free to participate and help me add things to this precious list. This country is very dear to me and I couldn't be happier to be able to share my experiences with you (:



I went to a quick family and friends trip to Baker's Bay in Bahamas. The Island is amazing and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with the people I love and appreciating the nature. And you know what people say: "Life is better at the beach"! Yes it is!!

Eu fui em uma viagem rápida com amigos e família à Baker's Bay nas Bahamas. A ilha é maravilhosa e eu aproveitei para curtir a natureza e as pessoas que amo. E vocês sabem o que as pessoas costumam dizer: "A vida é melhor na praia"! Sim, pode apostar que é!!



I’ve been traveling to Beirut for five years now and it became a second home to me since my husband is lebanese and his family lives in Beirut. 

I love bringing new people to town and taking them around. Last summer I invited two of my best friends from Brazil to visit Lebanon. We went on boat rides, restaurants, clubs, and the mountains; it was a blast! After a week we decided to take a quick trip to a new destination. We had a look at the map to check the borders of Lebanon and these were the options: Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Syria. We immediately chose Jordan for obvious reasons. It was a very delicate time in the Middle East and the United States had sent warnings about traveling in the region. 

We decided to go anyway. I called my brazilian travel agency  ESTACAO DE TURISMO (@estacaodeturismoviagens) and they immediately hooked us up with the best places. We had only three days and here is what we did.


We arrived in Petra at night, right in time for the amazing “PETRA BY NIGHT” tour where they light up the place with candles and everyone walks towards the main building "The treasury".  Once we got there, they had blankets on the floor and everyone sat down to watch locals singing and playing instruments while drinking their delicious local tea. It’s a quick tour but definitely with it! We stayed at the MOVENPICK hotel, which was perfect since PETRA sight was two steps ahead!

The next morning after breakfast, we headed to see Petra for real. It’s a full day thing and some people prefer do doit in two days. We took a guide and also walked around by ourselves. Our Petra experience had everything you can imagine. Camel rides, horse rides, donkey rides, laughs, photographs, surprises, bargaining and even an argument with a local beduin that hit a donkey on the face (I mean really??).

Petra it’s one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been to, they manage to maintain a lot of the structure of the place and the walk towards the top was fantastic. And also tiring!

After our day in Petra we headed to the Dead Sea. I was suuuuper excited to float on the water and take a mud shower! We stayed at the KEMPINSKY ASHRAM**** the absolute best hotel in the region. Our room was great and the hotel had several pools, restaurants and a great SPA. The best part is that the property is right at the Dead Sea so you don’t need to take a car anywhere. I think the photos will show exactly how our experience was:



Tulum became one of my favourite places to spend vacations during the winter time. This year, I went right after New Years during the first week of January and spent eight days enjoying the beach and all the music that happens during the BPM festival. All the action and clubs are located in Playa del Carmen which is an hour from Tulum, but every year more people decide to stay away from the city and enjoy a more quiet time in Tulum. There are a lot of nice places to stay there but my top hotels right now are Be Tulum, Ahau, Nomade, Sanará, Ana Y Jose, Azulik (eco hotel), Alaya and Casa Malca (once Pablo Escobar's house).

My favorite places to eat there: Be tulum hotel, Nomade Hotel (offers vegan cousine), Casa Banana, Hemingway, Hardwood, Azulik Hotel, Arca, The Real coconut at Sanará hotel (for breakfast and super healthy food). The shops are all at the main street and my favorites are Caravana Tulum and KM33 Tulum. 

Here are some of my favorite moments of the trip!

Tulum é um dos meus lugares favoritos para passar as férias de Inverno. Este ano fui logo depois do Ano Novo, na primeira semana de Janeiro para passar oito dias maravilhosos aproveitando a  praia e a música que acontece durante o Festival BPM. Todo o movimento e vida noturna acontece em Playa Del Carmen, há uma hora de Tulum, mas a cada ano mais pessoas decidem se afastar da cidade para aproveitar a calma e tranquilidade e o charme de Tulum. Este ano me hospedei no Hotel Casa Malca mas são tantos hoteizinhos lindos que fiz uma listinha pra vocês:  Be Tulum, Ahau, Nomade, Sanará, Ana Y Jose, Azulik (eco hotel), Alaya e Casa Malca (casa que pertenceu à Pablo Escobar).

Meu lugares preferidos para comer são Hotel Be tulum , Hotel Nomade (possui comida vegana), Casa Banana, Hemingway, Hardwood, Azulik Hotel, Arca e The Real coconut no Hotel Sanará (para café da manhã e comidas mais saudáveis). As lojas ficam na avenida principal e as que mais curto são Caravana Tulum e KM33 Tulum.

Agora, alguns momentinhos dessa viagem deliciosa!



Scorpio - Paranga Beach

Acredite em mim... Esse novo restaurante na praia de Paranga é espetacular. A arquitetura e o design são top e o ambiente é super elegante e boêmio. Calmo e chic! Já é o point favorito da galera "cool" que vem para Mykonos (tipo a gente né!). A comida é super variada e a praia é linda. No fim da tarde tem sempre um DJ bacana tocando. Super mega recomendo (:

Believe me... This new restaurant on Paranga beach is perfection and it's impossible not to love it. The architecture and design are amazing and the atmosphere is really cool. It's bohemian, chilled and chic.
It’s already the favorite place of many Mykonos lovers. I really enjoyed the food and the beach. There’s a DJ deck and great music in the afternoon. I really recommend it (:


Alemagou the best - Ftelia Bay

Esse é o melhor de todos, tem que ir! Calmo, elegante e tranquilo (não pode tocar música alta como nos outros lugares). Já fui a um casamento lá e foi mega romântico e charmoso. A comida é uma delícia e a praia é super relax...  

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Mykonos! Gorgeous, elegant and calm (no loud music is allowed). I attended a wedding there that was super romantic and charming. The food is really good and the beach is very chilled. 

Kaluha Bar Paranga Beach

Esse beach club fica na mesma praia do Scorpio, bem do ladinho... Sugiro sair do Scorpio e caminhar até o Kalua para tomar uns drinks e curtir a praia, achei bem divertido!  

This beach club is located at Paranga beach, right next to Scorpio. You can easily walk there after lunch to have some cocktails and enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the beach. 


Uma linda taverna que fica escondidinha atrás das árvores; um charmeeeeee... Não existe sinal algum que aponte sua presença. Mas eu garanto que é um dos melhores lugares para almoçar em Mykonos. Vale a pena conhecer.

Kiki’s Tavern is Hidden under trees. It's pure charmmmmm... There’s no sign to announce it’s presence. Here you’ll find one of the best lunch spots in Mykonos. It's worth the visit!

HIPPIE FISH - Agios Yanis

Esse restaurante/praia é uma delícia. O peixe é super fresco, o ambiente é calmo e a lojinha que tem dentro é super fofa. Há dois anos atrás, fiquei noiva durante um almoço no lugar, então já pode imaginar o quanto esse lugar é especial pra mim (: 

This is a greek taverna on the beach. The fish is super fresh, the restaurant and beach are calm and there’s a cute boutique inside. Two years ago I got engaged at the place during a family lunch. Now you can imagine how special this restaurant is to me!


Essa é uma das praias mais bonitas de Mykonos. Adoro ficar jogada (bem preguiçosa) nas almofadas na areia... Um paraíso para relaxar, comer bem e tomar uns drinks (porque ninguém é de ferro)... restaurante/bar é muito 

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos. The restaurant/bar is really nice and I love to hang out on the big pillows in the sand, it's a perfect lounge spot. The food and drinks are delicious and the service is great.


O Spiliá é um pequeno (maravilhoso!!) restaurante que fica dentro de uma caverna (cova, amoooo...) com vista para o mar, um charme!!! A maioria das pessoas chegam lá de barco, e se você for de carro não vai achar o lugar tão bonito mas quando chega até o nível do mar... incrível! 

This little place is hard to find and most people go by boat. The food is high quality and the price is great! You won't find it very appealing if you approach it by car, but once you're by the sea you'll be impressed by the view.


Nammos Beach restaurant

Eu frequentava muito há alguns anos atrás mas parei de ir pois fica muuuuuito cheio. Mas se você não se importa em estar numa praia agitada com pessoas dançando em cima da mesa, a diversão será garantida! O jantar também é uma delicia e bem mais tranquilo. 

This is the most popular place in Mykonos. I used to love it but now I don’t go so often because it gets very crowded. But if you don’t mind a crowded beach and people dancing on the tables, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun and great food. Dinner is also delicious and much calmer.
Esse é o restaurante mais popular de Mykonos.



Perfeito para almoçar e passar um dia tranquilo na praia. A comida é deliciosa, o ambiente é super relax, a música é gostosa e o serviço é muito bom. 

Perfect for lunch and to spend the day relaxing on the beach. Delicious food, relaxing atmosphere, nice music and friendly staff with a great seaside view.


Lia Beach

Essa praia é maravilhosa! Tem um mar cristalino e o serviço de praia oferece ótima comida, drinks e cadeiras grandes. Ótima para passar um dia tranquilo. 

This is a fantastic sandy beach with a crystal clear water. They have large sun beds and excellent food and cocktails. There's no loud music so you can have a super relaxed time! 


Minha praia preferida para ir com meus amigos gays. Super relax, cool, agua cristalina e uma vibe deliciosa.

My favourite to go with my gay friends (: Relaxing, cool, clean, beautiful water, and great vibe!



Esse é o melhor restaurante de Mykonos. O preço é bem salgado mas para quem gosta de comer bem, nada chega aos pés... É uma mistura de comida grega e francesa. Até uma simples salada de tomate é de lamber os dedos. Recomendo pedir um vinho grego bem gostoso 

This is the best restaurant in Mykonos. It's a little pricey but if you are a foodie like me I highly recommend it! They have amazing greek wine and even a simple tomato salad is amazing. It's a mixture of greek and french cuisine.  


Adorei a vibe do restaurante. Fui jantar lá depois de uma longa caminhada no certinho e estava louca pra tomar um bom vinho e comer bem! O restaurante tem uma vista linda para o porto e um pôr do sol incrível. É definitivamente um dos melhores lugares para jantar!

I loved the vibe of the restaurant. I went after a long walk around town and I was craving good food and a nice wine. The restaurant has an amazing view to the post and it's a perfect sunrise spot. It's definitely one of the best places to have dinner (don't forget to order a desert)!


Esse restaurante é super popular pois vira festa depois da meia noite. Tipo Nammos sabe... O peixe é incrível e a pasta  

This is a very popular restaurant that serves great fresh fish and a  shrimp pasta to die for... After 1AM the party vibe starts and it becomes a lot of fun. The best thing is the location, as you have a great view to the windmills.



This is a small charming place in town, The food is great,  the staff is super helpful and you can enjoy the breeze by choosing a table outside. 



AVRA  beautiful courtyard with trees typical Greek food 


O restaurante serve carnes ótimas mas também tem uma sessão apenas com peixes. Eu adorei o lugar pois fica bem no certinho e você senta do lado de fora!

The restaurant has great meat and also a session with fish, This is one beautiful open space in the middle of town, I really liked it and will definitely go back there!



Já perdi as contas de quantas vezes estive em Ibiza! Minha primeira vez foi há oito anos atrás e desde então não consigo passar um verão sem visitar a ilha. MUITO AMOR ENVOLVIDO! A melhor época para visitar Ibiza, na minha opinião, é no começo de Junho e Setembro. Em Julho e Agosto o lugar fica MUITO cheio, não se consegue cadeiras na praia e nem reserva nos restaurantes. As boates então, LOTADAS! Mas mesmo assim vale muito a pena... Essa ilha vai além das baladas e praias paradisíacas, ela tem uma energia contagiante e muito especial. Não tem como não amar e querer voltar todos os anos.

I have been to ibiza so many times that I lost count already. My first time in the island was eight years ago and since then I come back every year! I have so much love for this place... In my opinion, the best time to come is June and early September. July and August are the busiest times, you can't find a place to park anywhere, the beaches are full and all the restaurants and clubs are super crowded. But it's still a lot of fun (: This island goes beyond paradisiac beaches and parties, it has an unique magical energy that makes anyone fall in love. Viva Ibiza!!


Caminhar pela cidade antiga é um dos programas que mais curto fazer em Ibiza. Dalt Vila tem muita história e também a melhor vista de ibiza quando você alcança o topo (essa é uma ótima caminhada!). A noite o lugar fica agitado com vários barzinhos e restaurantes, vale a pena visitar pelo menos uma vez!

One of my favourite things to do in Ibiza is to walk around the old town. Dalt Vila has a lot of history and also the best view of the city once you reach the top (it's a great exercise!). At night all the bars and restaurants are open and the vibe is amazing. It's worth visiting at least one time during your stay.


Super mega recomendo esse hotel! Desisti de alugar casa aqui em Ibiza, muita preocupação com segurança, limpeza, comida... O Ibiza Gran é super bem localizado, a piscina e o SPA são uma delícia, os quartos são super cômodos e o melhor de tudo, o Cipriani fica na esquina, yummmm (:

I really recommend this hotel! I gave up on renting houses here in the island, having to worry about security, cleaning, food... Ibiza Gran is super well located, the pool and SPA are great, the rooms are super cozy and the best thing of all, Cipriani is right around the corner yummy (:


Nunca me hospedei no Destino mas já fui a várias festas e jantares e achei o lugar realmente lindo! Em alguns dias da semana rola uma super balada durante o dia ao redor da piscina, Quinta-Feira é aparentemente o melhor dia.

I've never stayed at Destino but I've been to a few parties and dinners there and found the place stunning! They make a huge day party with great dj's and I heard that Thursday is the best day.


O Chiringuito continua sendo um dos lugares mais bacanas para almoçar e passar o dia. O restaurante está sempre lotado, precisa fazer reserva. A praia não é lá essas coisas mas vale a pena conhecer.  Eu diria que é um lugar para ver e ser visto mas também para relaxar. Parece um pouco com os restaurantes de St Tropez, porém muito mais cool.

El Chiringuito still is one of the best places to have lunch and spend the day. The restaurant is always full and you need a reservation. The beach is not that amazing but I think is worth checking it out. I would say the place is a little like St Tropez, to see and to be seen but with a bohemian charm.


Dos mesmos donos do El Chiringuito, o Beach House é um dos points mais bacanas para comer,  curtir uma praia e dançar! Fui pela primera vez na semana passada escutar o DJ Guy Gerber tocar e o lugar estava lotado, cheio de gente bonita dançando na praia, amei!  

From the same owner of Chiringuito, Beach house is a restaurant and beach club located in Playa den Bossa. I loved it when I first went last week when Guy Gerber was playing and everyone was dancing on the beach. The restaurant has good food and great atmosphere.


Gente, esse restaurante é imperdível. Chique e ao mesmo tempo super rústico... Comida caseira servida em um jardim romântico e um ambiente delicioso.

Guys, this restaurant is pure charm! It's chic, rustic and the home made food is served at a delicious romantic garden, I super recommend this experience! 


Ahhhhh... Essa praia é uma delicia, perfeita para curtir um dia de preguiça. Amo amo amo! Eles são famosos pelos peixes e mariscos mas o melhor de tudo é a massagem!!! O Ivan tem o dom de curar qualquer dor, você sai de lá flutuando.

Ohhhhh.... This beach is delicious, perfect to enjoy a lazy day with the best fish and sea food in the island. And the best part is the massage!!! Ivan works there for years and his hands can cure any kind of pain. I guarantee you'll leave the beach floating.


Eu não acredito que não conhecia essa praia. Meus amigos me levaram pela primeira vez essa semana e fiquei chocada com o mar... PERFEITO. O restaurante Malibu não está entre os melhores, mas a praia é sem sombra de dúvida uma das melhores daqui. 

I can't believe I didn't know this beach. My friends took me for the first time last week and I was shocked with the sea! PERFECTION. Malibu restaurant doesn't have exquisite food but spending the day at that beach is already worth the visit! 


Essa é uma ótima pedida para quem gosta de lugares badalados. Sempre tem um DJ tocando durante o dia, a praia é gostosa e a comida boa. Eu não vou há dois anos mas gosto de recomendar para quem vem curtir as férias em Ibiza.

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a fun place with music on the beach, there's always a lot of people, a DJ playing and the food is nice. I haven't been there in two years but I like to recommend it to my friends that come on vacation. 


Esse é um dos restaurantes mais conhecidos de Ibiza. Ele fica um pouco afastado mas está sempre cheio. A comida é suuuper simples, eles nem tem menu, mas quem gosta de comer carne jura que esse é o melhor lugar. A salada de tomates orgânicos com cebola e as batatas fritas (tem que misturar tudo num prato) é de lamber os dedos!

This is one of the best restaurants in the island. It's a little far from town but it's always full, you need a reservation. The food is super simple, they don't even have a menu, but every meat lover says that Balafia's meat is spectacular. I like to treat myself with the organic tomato salad with their amazing round french fries (you have to mix it all in one plate) it's beyond... 


Eu morro de amores pela comida do Cipriani. É um restaurante caro e tem muita gente que não gosta do tipo de gente que frequenta o lugar, mas como todos os restaurantes Cipriani do mundo, a comida é deliciosa. Sempre começo tomando o famoso Bellini, e depois a festa gastronômica continua com as saladas, massas e obviamente o melhor bolo de merengue e sorvete de creme do mundo!

I absolutely love the food at Cipriani. It's a very expansive place and not everybody likes the jet-setter crowd that goes there but it's a must for the fans of italian cousine. I always start with their famous bellini and continue the gastronomic experience with the salads, pasta and of course, the best sponge cake and vanilla ice cream in the world!    


Esse lugar delicioso fica em frente a Marina e é o point para quem gosta de comida saudável e deliciosa! Eles tem as melhores saladas, sanduíches e sucos da ilha, tudo super fresh e o ambiente é uma delicia, fico horas na mesa plugada no meu laptop (:

This delicious place is located at the Marina and it's by far the best choice for those who like eating clean and healthy. Their salads, sandwiches and juices are super fresh and the ambience is cool too. I spend hours on the table working on my computer or having meetings!     


Existem dois mercadinhos hippies aqui em Ibiza. Um é o Punta Arabi que acontece todas as Quartas-Feiras e fica em Es Caná. O outro é o Las Dalias Hippy market que acontece nos Sábados. Eles estão cheios de coisinhas artesanais típicas dos anos 60 e 70, de roupas à acessórios, o mundo hippie da ilha está todo ali. 

There are two good markets here, One is every Wednesday and it's called Punta Arabí, located Es Caná and the other one is every Saturday and it's called Las Dalias Hippy Market located in San Carlos. They are both super artistic and full of 60's and 70's clothes, accessories and artefacts.


A cada meia hora tem uma balsa que sai do centro de Ibiza e vai até Formentera, a viagem leva 20 minutos. Chegando lá super recomendo dois restaurantes para almoçar e passar o dia. Um eé o Juan Y Andrea (super famosinho e carinho!) e o outro é o Beso Beach que adoooooro. Não tem como vir a Ibiza e não conhecer Formentera (:

Every half hour there's a ferry leaving Ibiza town going to Formentera. The trip takes 20 minutes. There are two restaurants that I recommend  once you get there. One is Juan y Andrea (very famous and a little too pricey) and the other one is Beso Beach. Both are delicious!   


Ibiza está cheio de lojinhas e boutiques espalhadas por todos os cantos. Quase todos os restaurantes e beach clubs tem um lojinha dentro e sempre encontro algo lega, de acessórios a roupas. Para um dia de compras, indico o centrinho de ibiza que está cheio de lojas legais como a EGB, Revolver, Attitude Ibiza, Antik Batik e váaaaarias outras... É so caminhar por lá que você acha tudo!

There are so many places you can find cute, artisanal accessories and clothes, and there are also great shops and boutiques. Almost every restaurant/beach club here has a boutique and I always find something, from bathing suits to dresses. I also like going to Ibiza town to shops like EGB, Revolver, Attitude, Antik Batik, and so many other little boutique you can find when you walk around the area!


Ibiza está cheia de boates com todos os melhores DJ'S do mundo tocando em noites diferentes, por isso é importante checar antes quem toca aonde (AQUI). Tudo depende do seu gosto musical. Eu por exemplo, não gosto de David Guetta, Steve Aoki e música comercial, prefiro as noites do Marco Carola que toca todas as Sextas na Amnesia, e DJ'S como Guy Gerber, Solomon, Joseph Capriati, Dixon, Black Coffee... Mas esses dj's são mais underground e não agradam a todos... A noite mais underground de Ibiza é a DC10 que acontece toda Segunda-feira. Para quem curte musica durante o dia, recomendo o Destino Hotel nas Quintas e também o Ushuaia que é gigante e ao ar livre... Super divertido. Também gosto da Pacha no Domingo quando o Solomon toca, mas nem fui dessa vez... Aqui a música não para!  

Ibiza is full of clubs with the best DJ'S in the world playing the for the entire summer at different venues. That's why is important to check the lineup to see who is playing at what night (HERE). Everything depends on you music taste. I don't enjoy comercial music so I don't go to David Guetta, Bob Sinclair... I prefer to listen to underground dj's such as Marco Carolla that plays every Friday at Amnesia (best night!!!), Guy Gerber, Solomon, Joseph Capriatti, Dixon, Black Coffee... The best underground place here is DC10 that happens every Monday. If you like to party during the day and afternoon I recommend places like Ushuaia, Destino Hotel (on Thursday), and Beach House. My favourite night at Pacha is Sunday when Solomon plays. This island has music from day to night for all tastes!